Soitron Group

Братислава (Словаччина), Бухарест (Румунія), Варшава (Польща), Лондон (Велика Британія), Прага (Чехія), Софія (Болгарія), Ankara

SOITRON Group brings over 30 years of experience as leading system integrator and IT service provider serving customers worldwide. With our delivery centres located across Central & Easter Europe we can offer End2End solutions with tailored outsourcing approach in terms of: resource skills and availability, quality, cost, security & compliance.

Our service portfolio consists of:
* IT Service Management & Migrations
* Software Development & Application Management
* Business Process Transformation & Robotic Process Automation

We serve private & public sector companies including Fortune 500 corporates such as: DXC Technology, HP Inc., HPE, AT&T, Orange, CapGemini, HCL, IBM, SwissRe, VW Group, JLR, ErsteBank & Raiffeisen Group.

Our sound IT services competence is underpinned by strategic technological partnership with leading providers such as: Cisco, Fortinet, Avaya, Nuance, Microsoft, ServiceNow, MicroFocus, VMWare, UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere.