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16 июля 2019

Senior DevOps (IoT Platform) Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• 5 or more years of cloud DevOps experience
• Knowledge of CI and CD workflows and tools
• Knowledge of Python (beginner or better)
• Docker
• Kubernetes

Будет плюсом

Experience with:
• Google Cloud SQL
• Google Kubernetes Engine
• Google BigTable
• Google PubSub
• Google StackDriver
• Google Cloud Endpoints
• Google CloudBuild
• Google IoT core


• Work in a team of certified architects by Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
• Participate in international events
• Get certifications on cutting-edge technologies
• Have access to strong educational and mentorship programs
• Communicate with the world-leading companies from our logos portfolio

О проекте

You will take part in developing a cloud IoT platform from scratch.
There is a public cloud service called Google Cloud Platform which allows developing cloud solutions with IoT capabilities, by receiving and using data from many connected devices. However, the people who wish to implement an IoT solution on GCP currently have the following problem: there are many low-level details to deal with before any high-level business logic can be implemented. Every device you connect has to be actively managed, its message format and connectivity topology are known in advance. Also if you have a lot of devices, it may be difficult to organize the information you receive, and build an application around it.
As a solution, we are developing an IoT platform that takes care of these details. The platform runs on GCP and is ready to run on other cloud services. It implements transparently an object model of the devices and their properties (digital twins) and can be easily extended for any type of device without changing its code. The application developers can quickly write and deploy their apps, without dealing with unnecessary details.
The platform is written in Python 3 and utilizes microservice architecture. This product has strict performance, scalability and extensibility requirements.

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