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11 июня 2019

GTO Copywriter (вакансия неактивна)

Львов, Ровно

Необходимые навыки

• Bachelor Degree and above

Specialized knowledge:
• 1+ years of experience in copywriting, content management, etc.
• Overall understanding of IT market specifics
• Understanding of main copywriting rules and concepts

Skills & abilities:
• Advanced English level is a must
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Result orientation
• Self-confidence
• Personal effectiveness and motivation

Still not sure whether it suits you? To get rid of all doubts just check if you:
• Believe that beauty will save the world
• Are able to find a decision even when it seems there is no decision at all
• Can soak up new information like a sponge
• Feel that you can’t keep the knowledge for yourself and have a strong desire to share it
• Adore to be proactive and are always one step ahead
• Tend to like living in an ever-changing environment
• Have a superpower of being chill as a cucumber in hot situations


• Help the recruitment team to make job descriptions as awesome as possible
• Fostering a sense of beauty in GTO team
• Balancing in a huge world of posting sources
• Develop overall creative writing skills inside of the team
• Create the most effective approaches for the posting process

О проекте

Just a few facts for you to understand that we are an amazing team.

We have a crucial influence on the business development of our company. For the last quarter, we hired 500+ new associates, it’s like to add one more company. Moreover, we are changing people’s lives every single day. They become happier and the company is getting more and more successful. Sometimes we even feel like magicians making their dreams come true.

Sounds awesome, yeah? — Time to come back to Earth.

Usually, our working days are full of hard work and challenges.

Definitely, each of us has flaws but we are like puzzles: everyone is a unique piece filling in the right place and making the picture of our team complete.

Want to be a part of all this? Then the time has come, you are welcomed to apply right now!

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