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21 мая 2019

Delivery Manager (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• Upper-Intermediate Strong level of English and above
• Negotiation, influencing, and conflict resolution skills
• Team orientation (relationship-building skills and team motivation skills)
• Detail orientation (being process-driven, result-oriented, and fully client-oriented)

• At least four years of proven experience in project management
• Proven experience of managing a business of the following size: a single account (or part of a large account) of more than $220K monthly (50+ employees), multiple accounts of more than $160K monthly (35+ employees)
• Experience of taking ownership of all aspects of the project, such as budget, scope, schedule, and quality
• Proven experience of managing the Fixed Price projects
• Experience of working with the U.S. or European companies
• Proven experience in team building and team management
• Proven ability to work successfully in a team environment
• Experienced communicator and presenter
• Professional Certification — valid PMI’s PMP

Specialized knowledge:
• Understanding of the SDLC management, how a software development company works and what business models it has
• Knowledge of traditional and agile project management methodologies
• Advanced understanding of the project management techniques and tools, including basic revenue models, profit and loss modeling, cost-to-completion projections, project pricing models, project billing procedures, budget estimation techniques, and others. Great proficiency in industry standard project management tools
• Understanding of the U.S. and European business practices and cultural norms


Quality Solutions Delivery
• Establishes and maintains management practices that consistently support successful solution development and deployment
• Ensures the best practices and processes recommended by the leadership group of the Global Delivery are applied so that the quality of the services provided meets SoftServe’s corporate standards
• Works closely with the leadership team of the delivery unit (PMs, architects, technical leads, and others) to ensure the appropriate architectural, technological, and procedural decisions are made in tandem with the client stakeholders
• Leverages the delivery unit capabilities by involving the best professionals from all corporate locations to provide the client with a premium, full-service experience
• Proactively works with the CSL and CP to identify and take advantage of the opportunities for improving customer satisfaction measures

Service Expansion
• Applies the appropriate delivery practices according to the customer type and delivery model defined by the CSL and CP
• Provides the CSL with guidance on defining the most appropriate delivery model for collaboration with a particular client
• Builds strong relationships with the peers within the client organization to establish and maintain partnerships as a foundation for further business growth. Assists the CSL and CP in developing a greater understanding of the client’s business goals and expectations by providing operational detail and context
• Manages the client’s experience through transforming operational deliverables to a premium experience service
• Partners up with the CSL and CP to maximize revenue by providing value-added services, using the outcome-based pricing as well as the Fixed Price and nonlinear delivery and business models. Continuously works with the CSL and CP to identify a need or opportunity for the solution or product development initiatives aimed at increasing the client’s revenue or optimizing the client’s costs

Operational Efficiency
• Establishes and maintains the practice of using best-in-class delivery metrics to reach and maintain the best performance possible
• Analyzes and consolidates the team performance data to ensure both excellent quality and efficiency
• Ensures the effectiveness of the project team structure by regularly carrying out both qualitative and quantitative assessments of the project performance
• Determines and coordinates the process of sharing resources between the projects to improve the operational efficiency and resource utilization within the delivery unit

Budget Performance
• Develops and maintains the delivery unit budget plans and forecasts with the assistance of the financial partner
• Closely collaborates with the CSL to ensure the delivery unit achieves the revenue and profit targets both at the account and project levels
• Proactively manages expenses according to the targets set in the budget and development plans
• Minimizes delivery costs by the effective expense and resource management
• Manages the operating profit and loss together with the financial partner to provide a balance of operational costs and investments in the client growth

О проекте

• Managing the assigned delivery unit to reach the goals of SoftServe’s clients within their respective customer success team
• Ensuring the client’s satisfaction by delivering a premium experience with SoftServe Delivery Services
• Facilitating the successful integration of the company’s consulting and solution development services to meet the client’s business goals
• Managing the client’s expectations and ensuring the delivery commitments are fulfilled on time and within budget
• Ensuring the implementation of the delivery excellence best practices to guarantee both quality and an optimal level of operational efficiency
• Providing team members across the delivery unit with opportunities for continuous growth and development
Leveraging corporate capabilities, the Delivery Manager partners up with career advisors and HR professionals to cultivate SoftServe’s talent pool and develop future technical and project leadership. Works closely with the Global Talent Operations (GTO) within SoftServe to onboard new team members and facilitates the successful placement of these people across various projects under their supervision.

The right person for this position should be a true leader—focused on a manageable number of clients and maintaining control over the resources necessary to provide a premium client experience based on the standards set by the leadership group of the Global Delivery.