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SoftServe is the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 5,500+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. We like what we do and do it well. For us, that means a lot.
11 мая 2018

Intermediate DevOps Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Build and deployment automation -
• GIT (understanding of branches, merge-requests, conflict resolutions, review procedures)
• Solid experience with Jenkins
• Chef of Ansible
• Understanding of CI/CD techniques
Programming languages -
• Unix shell scripting (sh) — the stronger the better
• Good understanding of primary programming abstractions
• Good knowledge at least of one programming language (Python or Ruby would fit best)
• Javascript, Perl — desirable
• Understanding of all major data serialization formats (yaml, json, xml, ini) is mandatory
Testing -
• Experience to write unit tests for primary programming language (pytest or rspec fits best)
• Test harness, testem/mocha, bats — appreciated
Virtualization and containerization -
• Good knowledge of virtualbox/ vagrant, like ability to create and bundle OVA images
• Experience with Docker
Networking/Web -
• Understanding of routing basics
• Ability to configure Iptables
• Understanding of all abstrations behind HTTP (headers, query strings, request content, response codes, etc.)
• Ability to configure Nginx
Databases/ datastores -
• Cassandra maintenance and basic troubleshooting
• PostgreSql backups, basi

• Frontend: Angular.JS, ES2017+, SASS, gulp, webpack, mocha+testem
• Backend: Python 3.5, REST, Flask/Gunicorn, SQLAlchemy, Pytest
• Databases: PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra
• Architecture: Docker/Microservices


You will work alongside incredible talented professionals in the team of diverse positions that helps bringing best practices into improving relationships between healthcare institutions, government and people.

In particular, in DevOps team, sometimes we run into situations, which demand analytical and troubleshooting skills. Issues are rare, but often do not have simple solutions and may need deep analysis with dependency-directed backtracking. We will expect you to learn and understand the principles the global infrastructure model and be able to trace cause chains.

О проекте

Our Client is one of the biggest American based compliance companies which runs its services in more than 150 countries all over the globe in the fields of audit, taxes, financial advisory and more. One of the key activities of the Company is to take care of several most present-day trends in the multi-disciplinary business: commercial transparency, government pricing reporting system improvement and global consulting. Our Client operates with numerous internationally known companies and has gained firm reputation by solving their complex problems, approaching each ambition from customized perspective and sustaining top corporate culture.

As long as our goal is to connect the dots between financial, medical and administrative parties by bringing the best quality into implementation of business needs for our Client — we are heavily relying on newest technologies in the field to make things happen. This implies developing cloud based platform that aims to incorporate the existing functionalities of several different application into one holistic solution. In order to address the intention we have defined the key concepts to rely on. Modern UI design, reliability, high performance, easy extension and mature architecture will enable bringing the solution to life.

Each team member will focus on best practices on how to create an innovative product for our Client that will serve as a door opener further to the technological market across international companies. In order to achieve this, we bring different roles together to create a multifunctional team that mainly consists of Architects, Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers, Automation Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Project Managers and Designers. All of the new coming members will get assistance and training from the core team members, who will serve as knowledge owners in order to facilitate the most efficient learning.

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