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13 сентября 2017

Senior Web UI Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Provide technical oversight and ensure a maintainable design for the extension codebase
— Work as individually contributing coder / code reviewer in JS codebase
— Assess technical feasibility of new features
— Coordinate development timelines with Product and Design
— Proactively communicate about complications or risks to product timelines
— Mentor more junior members of the team

Будет плюсом

We are looking for someone with extensive experience developing front-end applications, with a strong knowledge of javascript design patterns, browser APIs, and front-end testing best practices. The below list is not exhaustive, nor is it strictly required. We believe a good candidate will have exposure to many of these areas or demonstrate a track record of learning quickly in the front-end context.

— Asynchronous Programming — especially Promises and the window fetch API
— Strong experience with APIs and RESTful patterns also needed
— Reducer-based UI frameworks: the extension is written in VueJS. Experience with React, or other similar reducer-based patterns, like Mithril is also good.
— Exposure/familiarity with state containers like Vuex, Redux or Flux and the concepts behind them is preferred.
— At the least, experience building stateful client-side applications will be important experience to have.
— JS Testing — especially unit testing utilizing test runners like mocha, karma, and testing libraries like sinon, chai, etc.
— JS Design Patterns — experience with CommonJS, modules, component-based UIs, and ES6 classes will all be great.
— Front-End Build Technologies — previous work with Weback and Babel is strongly desired; exposure to other tooling like Grunt and Gulp is also cool.

Work with browser extensions is a more specialized area, so any exposure a candidate does have in with extensions specifically is a big bonus. Deep familiarity with browser APIs like storage, cookies, and the DOM is still strongly expected, especially in terms of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Any experience with python or NodeJS is also exciting, given how that may help in discussions of testing and automation.

О проекте

The RMN Labs team has done initial development on a browser extension to help users save by automatically checking coupon codes. As the Labs team moves on to pilot more products, we are looking for a technical lead to partner in handing off responsibilities for extension development and then helm further development on the extension through the end of 2017 and beyond. This job will involve ensuring a maintainable extension implementation that can be published to multiple browsers, and guiding a small team as they grow merchant coverage and feature sets. This role will work closely with product and design functions to scope extension work, and with Labs engineering to ensure a smooth initial technical handoff.

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