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SoftServe — найбільша глобальна IT-компанія з українським корінням, яка має понад 24 роки досвіду у розробці програмного забезпечення та консалтингу — від Cloud, Security і UX Design до Big Analytics та Internet of Things. Головними сферами, для яких компанія розробляє програмні рішення, є healthcare, retail, financial services та software.
19 октября 2017

Project Manager (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

  • Knowledge of the SDLC.
  • Understanding of how a software development company works.
  • Knowledge of traditional and agile project management methodologies.
  • Knowledge of basic revenue models, profit and loss projections, and cost-to-complete projections.
  • Knowledge of the project pricing model and billing procedures.
  • Knowledge of the project and budget estimation techniques.
  • Proficiency in using the project management tools.


  • At least three years of proven experience in project management.
  • Proven experience of managing a business of the following size: $150K monthly (30+ employees).
  • Experience of taking ownership of all aspects of the project, such as budget, scope, schedule, and quality.
  • Proven experience of managing the Fixed Price projects.
  • Experience of working with the U.S. or European companies.
  • Proven experience in team building and team management.
  • Proven ability to work successfully in a team environment.
  • Experienced communicator and presenter.

Будет плюсом

  • Technology background (desirable).
  • General knowledge of the application programming and the database and system design (desirable).
  • Knowledge of the differences between commonly used software architectures (desirable).
  • Обязанности

    Business Development

    • Facilitates the process of mapping out the account development strategy.
    • Facilitates the development of business opportunities within the project.
    • Facilitates the process of creating the project legal documentation, such as the Statement of Work, Project Proposal, and Change Orders.
    • Validates the project-related content of the client’s contracts such as the Master Service Agreement.

    Performance and Efficiency

    • Leads the software development teams and directs their activities so that the project is run within the constraints of scope, schedule, budget, and resources.
    • Implements and uses the best-in-class delivery metrics to reach and maintain a high level of performance.
    • Ensures the project-related metrics, such as CSAT, ESAT, and the turnover rate, are at the target level.
    • Ensures the quality of the delivered services and solutions from the standpoint of technology/architecture and functionality/domain.
    • Identifies the resources required for successful project execution, such as hardware, software, and infrastructure. Cooperates with the corresponding service departments to ensure the most efficient use of the resources.


    • Plans the project budget and ensures adhering to it.
    • Ensures the project revenue and profit targets are achieved; ensures the expenses are managed according to the budget and project development plan.
    • Minimizes the project costs by effective expense management and resource management.
    • Introduces and follows effective salary management practices within the project.
    • Ensures the timely and accurate invoicing; facilitates the process of addressing billing issues when they arise.

    Human Resources

    • Creates and manages the project team structure to achieve ultimate project goals and objectives.
    • Keeps the project team well informed about the changes within the company and general corporate news; acts as the interface between the company departments.
    • Motivates, guides, coaches, and encourages direct subordinates.
    • Effectively involves each team member in the project, ensuring, when possible, that the project tasks are in line with the career interests of each employee.
    • Implements the HR management practices to keep the project team’s ESAT score and turnover rate at the target level.
    • Implements succession planning for direct subordinates.
    • Conducts effective performance evaluations for the project team members according to the HR frameworks.

    О проекте

    We’re looking for self-motivated, business-oriented person who can lead the most advanced and sophisticated SAFE 4.0+ software development on the market. The software enables to scale the team performance management and product planning from small groups for several dozens of engineers to large portfolios at scale when the work is being planned for 10,000+ people. At the moment this product disrupts current market and created new boundaries to transform engineering organizations worldwide.
    While the product itself requires good understanding of different software development methodologies, analytical skills and outstanding abstract reasoning — we need also a great Team player and Leader who can form and maintain the right climate in the team, develop other and lead by example.
    Over the course of this assignment a seasonal project management professional will help to form/promote and support the right technical vision along with sharp project plan to implement it at scale.
    The engineering team is in average 30+ people working in sub-teams on different projects with dependencies that will make your mind work.

    The Project Manager position is responsible for the following:

    • Managing a project of medium-to-high complexity or several projects of low-to-medium complexity with a total team size of up to 50 project members.
    • Maintaining the communication between SoftServe and the client.
    • Facilitating the engagement and proposal phases when it comes to new opportunities and projects.
    • Shaping and managing the client’s expectations.
    • Ensuring the project deliverables conform to the budget, scope, schedule, and quality during all phases of the SDLC: initiation, analysis and design, execution, monitoring and control, and completion.
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