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19 апреля 2021

Middle PHP Software Engineer (Ruby Retraining), ID 63921

Харьков, Чернигов, Полтава, Сумы

A SoftServe team mastering a new programming language. The one with dynamic typing, fully object-oriented with a lot of syntax sugar, so it is easy to read and understand. The technology that allows you to build a production-ready application within a day (no jokes here). So, how to master Ruby quickly? We are launching the re-training program to help software engineers change their primary coding language to Ruby. Suppose you are a Middle or Senior Software Engineer having a strong willingness to master Ruby and you are experienced in building Web applications with such technologies as PHP, Java, Python. In that case, this course is made for you.

• Having experience with PHP or any of OOP programming language (С#, Java, С++, Python)
• A Software Engineer who has worked as a part of Agile team (5-7 members)
• Taking an active part in the development-related process and having a good understanding of SDLC in general
• Familiar with estimation techniques and can provide reasonable estimates to most common tasks based on personal experience
• Hands-on working with requirements gathering analysis and validation. Including experience in communication with customer stakeholders
• Showing practical experience in designing DB structure (tables and data relations) for middle-size projects
• Pretty knowledgeable of Web apps security area (OWASP top 10)
• Possessing a concept of and basic practical experience with Web UI technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
• Having a good knowledge and practical expertise in source code control and related tools
• The one who knows the cores and direct background of Unit and Integration tests implementation
• Showing the basics and operational experience in Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure)

• Opportunity of becoming a Rubyist as your primary full-time job (again, no jokes here)
• Getting access to global markets and future-promising projects
• Practical tasks and real project enabling building on your own to master and polish Ruby skills
• Mentors ready to guide you through a ’Ruby world’ best practices and help you to build a Ruby mindset

• Grow your Ruby skills
• Participate in a variety of projects of different sizes and scales
• Reach Ruby gurus eager to share their knowledge with people willing to learn