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30 октября 2020

Middle TypeScript Software Engineer (ID 57683) (вакансия неактивна)


Our customer is a medical software company that belongs to the Top-10 standard software companies in Germany. After many years of market experience, they have gained 400,000 customers in 43 countries worldwide. They deliver software that provides timely and comprehensive medical and administrative data that builds bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurance, laboratories, and hospitals and helps them to choose optimal treatment for patients. For over 25 years, they have been supporting their customers in storing, exchanging, and requesting information and knowledge securely.
The project aim is to develop and support SDKs for the existing Java Back End with providing a high level of security. The SDK is used by different 3-rd party applications (Web, iOS, Android, etc.) and provides excellent communication between them.

• An experienced Web UI Software Engineer with TypeScript knowledge (at least 3 years)
• Pretty knowledgeable about different Web UI frameworks like Angular, React, etc.
• Having a concept/experience in CI/CD and Jenkins
• The one demonstrating understanding of Java SE
• Experient with encryption/decryption data
• Familiar with unit/integration testing
• Willing to work on the project without frontend part or have experience in SDK development
• Showing perfect communication skills in the team and with the client

International company and healthcare domain and improve your skills in
• Developing SDK from scratch and as part of the product in a secure, well-tested, and performant way
• Performing Back End tasks
• Close verbal and written communication with the customer, their partners, and other stakeholders on a daily basis (even during onsite visits to Germany)
• CI/CD and Jenkins

• Not only develop useful SDKs for healthcare applications to provide proper communication between client backend and third-party applications. We will help pharmacists, doctors, and patients to save people’s lives
• Work in a very collaborative environment
• Care about your individual initiatives — we are open for them, just come and share your ideas
• Support your technical and personal growth — we have a dedicated career plan for all roles in our company

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