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SoftServe is the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 8000+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. We like what we do and do it well. For us, that means a lot.
29 октября 2020

Senior Software Engineer (IoT), ID 57794 (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, удаленно

Transforming the way thousands of global organizations do business by developing the most innovative technologies and processes in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), security, Infrastructure, and experience design.
Our group is building a team of systems thinkers who are passionate about IoT and solving socio-technical challenges. We build knowledge and expertise that let us design and scale enterprise IoT solutions. We are a distributed team and work to use that to our advantage for customer success and life balance.
Our client is building the next generation of agricultural equipment taking the best practices of cloud virtualization and applying those concepts to the edge to better manage the data generated by modern equipment.

• Interested in using cutting edge methodologies and platforms for connecting the physical and digital worlds, but also know the current core technologies that underpin existing software
• Asking the right questions, driving vision and purpose, and can manage ambiguity and complexity to get to the most appropriate solution
• Collaborating across technical profiles and you work with team members to navigate success
• Having solid engineering background and experience to be a valuable team member for IoT projects
• The one who enjoys going into deep technical work, cares about personal development, and enjoys mentoring others along their journey
You possess the following
• Interest in the field of IoT and experience with some relevant technologies such as MQTT brokers, embedded programming, distributed systems, microservices architecture, infrastructure automation, edge processing, fleet observability, or wireless communications.
• Knowledge of SDLC
• Expert knowledge of object-oriented software
• Experience with at least one major cloud provider’s native services (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP)
• Background of Linux OS for ARM or x86
• Practice with scripting languages or infrastructure automation tools
• Intermediate English or higher

An opportunity to
• Join a team of IoT experts on large and strategic solutions for high-profile opportunities
• Сooperate with team-members and technical stakeholders to understand technical requirements and communicate technical constraints and decisions to business and non-technical stakeholders
• Cooperate with other engineers, architects and technology experts to help produce solid architectural decisions backed by PoCs/PoVs
• Participate in and occasionally drive technical discussions about IoT
• Act as an expert and consult to non-IoT development teams on adherence to best practices in software design, development, and testing of IoT-solutions
• Clearly convey technical ideas to the members of non-specialized IoT development and operations teams
• Learn more about how systems are affected by quality attributes such as performance, scalability, availability, fault-tolerance, security, deployment, maintainability, and others
• Cooperate with and get mentored by seasoned IoT Architects and engineers, grow professionally

• Build IoT solutions the solve real customer challenges
• Apply the best principles of software engineering to build distributed systems
• Make major contributions to the company’s architectural methodology
• Create an impact on the expertise, competence development, as well as grow, strengthen and scale IoT practice presence within the company, and within our customers’ value chains
• Provide thought leadership, innovation and become a trusted advisor for different organizations
• Support your technical and personal growth
Your benefits
• Being a part of Center of Excellence, you will have a chance to address different business and technology challenges, get a chance to participate or drive multiple projects and initiatives
• Work in a team of top-notch IoT experts and Architects, as well as assimilate and congregate best practices from them
• Work with the world-leading companies