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SoftServe is the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 8000+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. We like what we do and do it well. For us, that means a lot.
28 октября 2020

Middle Full Stack Software Engineer (Node.JS +React), ID 58074 (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

We are a cross-functional Full Stack team with heavy Back End focuses. We are in charge of making many of the backend systems and some internal shared packages that are the backbone of other systems and services. Uptime is essential for all APIs that we manage. We have many complex problems to solve including transcripts, translations, and raw video management.

Having experience in
• At least 3 years of building backend systems in any technology (PHP, Python, Java, C#, Ruby, or Node.js)
• At least 2 years of strong experience in dedicated backend development in Node.js
• Strong skill in relational database development (Postgres preferred or MySQL)
• Demonstrable expertise in automated testing, TDD style development
• Collaborating on a team practicing continuous integration (TeamCity, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.)
We prefer you to have skill in
• Microservice Architecture development
• React + Redux/HTML5/CSS3 development
• Experience with MVC design pattern
• Websockets/Jest

• Test-Driven Development — we take responsibility for our code without QA engineers
• Continuous Delivery — teams independently ship code to prod every day
• Kanban & Lean — no more backlog grooming, no more T-shirt size estimating
• Autonomous & responsible teams — making their own product & dev choices
• Cross-functional teams — collaborating through all phases of the product dev process
Solid technologies — of the team’s choice, for the right job
• Node.js platform for the building of Rest API
• Declarative UI — React
• Functional state management — Redux
• TDD — Mocha, Chai, Sinon
• JS modules — ECMAScript 6, Typescript
• CSS modules — CSS 3
• Single-page apps
• Data visualization — D3, SVG
• Optimized assets — webpack, CDN
• Source control — GitHub
• Databases — PostgreSQL
• Messaging — event-driven (publish/subscribe) architecture; AMQP and SQS
• Microservice architecture
• CI — SaltStack, TeamCity

• Experience pair programming — we value collaborative development
• Get continual improvement — we take time to sharpen the saw and adjust how we work
• Provide customer research — we build what our customers actually want

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