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SoftServe is the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 10,000+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. We like what we do and do it well. For us, that means a lot.

From engineering to architecture, business analytics to project management, artificial intelligence to customer support solutions, and so much more — choose from a variety of paths and grow your dreams.

Our company isn’t just about technology — it’s about open-minded people who love technology, and use it to extend boundaries and connect people, businesses and ideas for the better. We encourage that passion by helping our employees not only build great careers but live great lives.

• We inspire creation without pushing, and appreciate imagination.
• We inspire true dialogues, passionate debates, and friendly jokes.
• We speak sense.
• Whatever the topic, we stay human

We understand that the best way to build our future is to help you build yours. To assist you with development we have created a special SoftServe University offering an array of IT courses for those willing to start career, as well as certification center, various soft and hard skills trainings for associates. Growing together, we build our common future!

Check out our website for more details.

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18 октября, Днепр
Стажування WebUI від SoftServe з можливістю працевлаштування

18 октября, Хмельницкий, Online
NodeJS | Стажування від SoftServe IT Academy

18 октября, Луцк, Online
NodeJS | Стажування від SoftServe IT Academy

18 октября, Ровно, Online
NodeJS | Стажування від SoftServe IT Academy

20 октября, Online
Big Data Retraining program

20 — 21 октября, Хмельницкий, Online
ReactJS / NodeJS Hiring Days

20 октября, Online
BA Webinar | The Role of Data in Business Analysis

21 октября, Львов
Internship: Test Automation with Java

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