📍Who We Are:
At Softorino, we believe in simplifying life through software. Our name starts with an ’S’ for a reason — Simplicity is our DNA. As indie developers since 2013, we’ve been creating unique, user-friendly solutions that stand out in the market.

🏆 With over 15 million downloads worldwide, our apps are celebrated by our loyal user base and lauded by reputable tech media like Forbes, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, and Engadget. Our innovative spirit has earned us numerous accolades on Product Hunt, including “Product of the Week” and “Product of the Day.”

▶️ Curious about our future? Watch our 2023 Softorino keynote: youtu.be/ADFYOG67NIw

🦹‍♂️ Meet the Team:
Our compact yet powerful team of 20+ passionate individuals ensures we deliver top-tier software solutions. We operate from our main office in Kyiv, Ukraine, and across the globe, thanks to our flexible remote/office hybrid work model.

💻📲 Our Creations:
• WALTR PRO (softorino.com/waltr/) — A versatile solution that lets you convert and transfer any file format to your iOS devices with ease.
• SYC 2 (softorino.com/youtube-converter/) — The safest and most user-friendly online video downloader on the planet.
• Folder Colorizer (softorino.com/folder-colorizer-mac/) — A fun and easy way to customize your desktop folders with vibrant colors.
• iRingg (softorino.com/iringg/) — A simple-to-use iPhone ringtone maker for all ages.

💪 Our Values
• SIMPLICITY: We prioritize simplicity in all our endeavors.
• TRANSPARENCY: We are committed to fostering transparency with our team and customers.
• TEAMWORK: Our team is the heart and soul of our product line.
• HARD WORK. Every success story at Softorino is written with dedication and hard work.

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