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SoftConstruct is the innovator in the field of big data and computer vision among Ukrainian IT companies with HQ in Armenia, Yerevan. We combine our extensive experience in the development of SportTech software with advanced technologies to develop original software for sports statistics, risk analysis and security. We also develop and support existing technical solutions, solve urgent complex problems and take care of safety, social responsibility and the rapid growth of eSports on a global scale.

— Rare hands-on experience in software development for SportTech and working with big data and analysis
— 4 key areas of expertise: quantitative data science, big data, computer vision, real-time processing
— Huge datasets, statistics from around the world
— Applied data science
— Using cutting edge technology to provide data intelligence for professional sports
— Continuous search for unique approaches to known technologies and programming languages
— High-skilled team
— Flexible internal workflow
— Participation and responsibility for all units and each person

— To solve the problems of complex computer systems and software engineering
— Evolve in programming for data science
— Continue to adapt our applications to the global and local markets
— Support rapid eSports growth