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SocialTech is a global IT company in the industry of Social Discovery. We are developing our own products used by millions of users worldwide. SocialTech is one of the market leaders, enjoying triple-digit growth for all major KPIs.
14 июня 2019

Senior Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


SocialTech is a global IT-company specialized in Social Discovery. We develop our own products that are used by millions of people around the world. SocialTech is already one of the leaders in its niche, and we continue to grow by hundreds percent per year in all KPIs.

The team and people are our greatest assets. We are always looking for strong indifferent professionals who are in love with their job and who are willing to work for results and directly influence the development of product and business. We present you with unlimited opportunities for professional development and freedom in picking tools and ways of achieving goals. In return we ask for a responsible attitude, results orientation and genuine interest in working on our products. We always offer many interesting tasks, ambitious goals, and complex challenges.

Now we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to our product team. This team is created to develop a new direction in our business and rise to the following challenges: high- load, BL & code refactoring, and data flow & structures redesigning. We also expect our perfect candidate to lead this product team in the future.

• Docker, k8s (on production), GKE, AWS, Baremetal.
• Cloud-native religion.
• High-load:
— User api > 500k rpm.
— Internal services have > 30k rps.
— Persistent db 10bn items (10 TB).
• Microservices Architecture, FAAS also (Micro Monoliths, Monolith).
• Reverse proxy, API Gateway, service-mash.
• CQRS, Event|Command Bus, Event Sourcing.

Theoretical knowledge:
• FP, OOP, GoF, DI.
• Self-testing unit and Integration, TDD, BDD.
• NoSQL, SQL, ACID, RDBSM, ORM (data-mapper, active-record).
• Search engine (full-text).
• Cloud native, 12 factor app, clustering, sharding, replication.
• Reverse proxy, API gateway, service mesh, observability.
• Basics knowledge of the OSI model and TCP/IP stack.
• Basics knowledge of the Linux systems architecture.
• High-load practices.

Technical background:
• Php >= 7.1, Go, other language will be an advantage.
• Php composer, go module.
• Go testing frameworks, PHPUnit, behat, mink, phpspec will be an advantage.
• MySQL 5.7, MongoDB 4+.
• ElasticSearch, Sphinx.
• Redis, Memcached (mc-router).
• Conteinerd, docker, buildkit, k8s (CRD, controller, operators).
• Istio, linkerd.
• Traefik, Ambassador.
• SNAT, DNAT, iptable, ddns.
• Bash, sh, Linux tools.

Soft skills:
• Critical thinking.
• Responsiveness and ability to be a team player.
• Perseverance.
• Blameless culture.

Choosing us, you will get:
• A comfortable office at the Downtown of Kiev (Podil).
• The coolest team you have ever had.
• Free breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.
• Health insurance upon successful completion of a probationary period.
• A competitive salary.
• Unlimited possibilities to improve your current skills and gain lots of new ones.
• Modern working station and accessories.
• Numerous in-house training courses.
• An ability to attend professional conferences and meetups (both local and international).
• Аnd much more.

If you think we’re a good fit for each other, don’t hesitate to send us your CV!