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SocialTech is a global IT company in the industry of Social Discovery. We are developing our own products used by millions of users worldwide. SocialTech is one of the market leaders, enjoying triple-digit growth for all major KPIs.
20 мая 2019

Business Analyst / Product Manager (Analytical solutions) (вакансия неактивна)


SocialTech is a multimillion-dollar IT company and a game-changer in the social discovery niche. Our HQ are located in Kiev. We manage a leading product in the industry, and all our key metrics keep growing exponentially from year to year.

The key role of this position is business coordination and ownership of in-house data-driven solutions developed for business growth.

Such solutions include but are not limited to: marketing automations tools, complex decision-making systems (predictive tools for traffic, A/B tests, and retention evaluation), and reporting ecosystem.

What you will find in SocialTech:
• Truly interesting tasks at the intersection of various knowledge areas;
• The feeling of making an impact on a booming IT industry;
• A powerful team of analysts and stakeholders to inspire you to constant professional growth and new accomplishments.

Key requirements:
• Strong systemic and algorithmic thinking;
• Data stack: SQL + preferably some BI tool (Tableau / Power BI);
• Tech/BA stack: database schema design, business process visualization, ability to technical and analytical requirements;
• Good comprehension and interest in various parts of a business.

What you will start:
• Creating an automation scheme for Adwords GDN campaigns;
• Coordinating marketers, data analysts and developers;
• Managing the backlog for our decision-making and automated reporting tools;
• Aligning stakeholder expectations of the Analytics Department.

Some internal workings of SocialTech:
• We use common sense as our guiding principle in everything from taking days off to workflow;
• We give and take open feedback, and ask each other questions, even the stupid ones;
• We enjoy spending some of our free time together, both at the office and outside of it.

If you think we’re a good fit for each other, don’t hesitate to send us your CV!