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SocialTech is a global IT company in the industry of Social Discovery. We are developing our own products used by millions of users worldwide. SocialTech is one of the market leaders, enjoying triple-digit growth for all major KPIs.
12 октября 2019

Data Analyst (Scientist) (вакансия неактивна)


SocialTech — is a global IT company in the Social Discovery niche. We manage our own products used by millions of people around the world.

If you have an analytical mindset and a high-quality approach to solving complex problems, join us to build one of the strongest analytics teams in the country.

Task pool:
• Design metrics from a variety of disparate counterintuitively related data.
• Define patterns in user behavior and benefit from them.
• Understand which users bring the bulk of the profit, their lifecycle on the product, their increased and decreased activity.
• Automate solutions to routine tasks: evaluating A / B tests with predictive systems, driving traffic into AdWords, etc.
• Develop tools for finding bottlenecks in product funnels.
• Reduce volatility or increase accuracy of metrics.
• Conduct factorial, regression, cohort and other types of analysis.

What you don’t have to deal with:
• Reporting automation and data quality control (another team is in charge of it).
• ML for the sake of ML. We don’t want to build spaceships where you can get by with a scooter. But sometimes we have to!
• Bureaucracy.

We expect from you:
• Ability to work with numbers and think systemically.
• Desire to be an expert in your field and apply your skills with maximum efficiency.
• Strong knowledge of SQL.
• Experience with Python (pandas, seaborn) / R (tidyverse, ggplot).
• Experience with Tableau / PowerBI / QlickView will be a plus.

What else we can offer:
• Cozy office, VIP health insurance, breakfast / lunch / snacks.
• Compensation for any training materials, sports, and participation in conferences.
• Close-knit and friendly team.