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SmartyAds is global multichannel programmatic advertising company founded back in 2011 by young advertising industry professionals.Since then we are transforming digital market with our robust products, giving the most of programmatic advertising to our clients due to our powerful technological assets. However, our most powerful asset are brilliant, creative and impactful people making SmartyAds family, who made it possible. Here we poses unique ability to improve and enrich the whole system, realizing brightest ideas, constantly learning and making high-end solutions together.


SmartyAds is a digital marketplace enabling advertisers and publishers buy and sell digital ad spaces through real time auction. We are connected to more than 200 SSPs and DSPs worldwide, providing the best service ever. SmartyAds DSP enables advertisers with multi-channel solution, advanced statistics, all in one platform, precise targeting, and traffic verification tools. SmartyAds SSP enabling publishers, both apps and websites, with powerful monetization tool. In-house developed, easy set-up, advanced statistics, header-bidding technology, timely payouts, ad verification, only proven and reliable advertisers.


We build and impact the whole advertsing ecosystem to create a complex solutions for the long term. We are using the latest technology to build our products: big data stack, machine-learning, web technology stack. Come join our team of professionals: Node.js, PHP, Android, IOS Developers are always welcome.


Our everyday mission is to make great things and create better internet together. Here we face challenges, learn how things work, give way to the craziest ideas ever, making experiments, providing support to every talent.
You will definitely enjoy our social package, educational programs, vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable corporate events together.

Our Ukrainian offices in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, and Odesa are cozy and well-prepared with generators and Starlinks, just in case you need to work from office 🏢

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