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Київ, Мюнхен (Німеччина)

If you want to become a member of a superb international team that works hard but plays even harder — congrats, you have just found it! But let us firstly cover the basics.

What we do:

SMASHDOCs is a web-based document collaboration tool that allows you to create, review and negotiate documents up to 10x faster due to our patented change tracking method. Please proceed to the www.smashdocs.netfor more product-oriented details.

Who we are:

We are the SMASHFOLKs that develop the SMASHDOCs. Pun intended.
Being a part of SMASHFOLKs means working side by side with your team members, your boss and also your CEO. There is absolutely no hierarchy in the traditional sense. Every person is highly appreciated. You will always catch yourself on feeling that you do something GREAT and you MATTER (especially if you master the science of our inside jokes).

What we offer:

• international team with offices in Kyiv and Munich — check
• the freedom in your work environment meaning no toxic bossing around — check
• flexible working hours — check
• working from home for situations “tired working in the office/need some alone-time/got cold” — check
24-paid leave days (yep, that is more than usual) — check
• variety of quick-bite snacks to keep you going and get a chance to chit-chat with your coworkers near the coffee machine — check
• support in your desire to learn and improve due to no limit in extracurricular educational seminars/workshop/you name it — check

All the above checks are great but what is even greater and distinguishes us from every other software company out there — are the people behind the product aka the SMASHFOLKs! Everyone is a super supportive team player while also an ambitious individual.

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