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Львів, Вінниця, Остін (США)

SmartTek Solutions is a team of skilled specialists with common values, great ambitions, and respect for professionalism. With deep experience and commitment to high standards, we transform our goals into substantial achievements.

We are focused on growth and creating an efficient work environment. That’s why our corporate culture is based on humanity and teamwork. SmartTek provides all the conditions and benefits to keep our people growing and getting the best results.

We specialize in Web Development, AR/VR Development, ERP Development, Mobile Development, Cloud Development, IoT Development and Technology Consulting.

Our team is built from a wide range of different people with their own unique life experiences, hobbies, preferences, and skills. We believe each of our projects is an opportunity to self-improve for both our company as a whole and each worker itself.

Seven reasons for joining our team:

✅ Trust and partnership atmosphere
✅ Communication with no bureaucracy
✅ Future-oriented approach
✅ Work & life balance
✅ Efficient processes
✅ Openness and mutual respect
✅ Constant professional development.

The most valuable resource for any business is the right people. We are well-versed in people and projects, and we are able to successfully connect them.

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