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18 червня 2021 12:03

Matt Lobb, Senior Editor в Slotegrator

I’ve been at Slotegrator for 2 years. I started as a Copywriter and a few months ago became Senior Editor. I think that’s a good example of something the company can offer — I know plenty of people who’ve had opportunities to advance due to their work ethic and creativity. For me, knowing the company values initiative and resourcefulness lays the foundation of a positive work environment (the rest of it is built by the atmosphere created by the colleagues, which in this case is fantastic).

There might have been some growing pains at first, but the current situation is this: interesting work, new challenges, and a great team.

Maybe there could be better interdepartmental communication, but honestly that’s probably true at every company on the planet.

The company also has a good level of flexibility regarding your working hours (flexitime and all that) as well as other perks like a multisport card and free lunches — and the free lunch isn’t just basic stuff like sandwiches, we’re talking sushi, pelmeni, pilaf, tuna steak — good stuff.

Long story short — opportunity to improve yourself, great colleagues from all over the world, good perks.

тоже у меня возможность каждый день практиковать русcкий язык.


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Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for such feedback! You’ve highlighted interesting points, we are glad to read it.

By the way, I have heard from the colleagues that your Russian is better and better. It is not something that we officially offer to the applicants, but it’s funny :) You know, that there are free Czech and English classes within company, perhaps we should organise Russian ones as well?

We wish you all the best in Slotegrator!