Python conf in Kharkiv, Nov 16 with Intel, Elastic engineering leaders. Prices go up 21.10
Rakuten Intelligence was founded by proven entrepreneurs and, as a Rakuten group company, offers the best of both worlds: a startup environment with the backing of an established global enterprise that is revolutionizing the internet services landscape.
1 октября 2019

Senior Java Engineer


Необходимые навыки

You have at least 6 years of relevant experience building production software and a degree in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering (or equivalent experience).
You have experience designing and delivering microservices and web services that work at a high scale and high level of availability.
You have very strong Java programming skills.
You have pretty decent devops skills: you know how to configure services to run on EC2 or Kubernetes, and you’re not afraid of sshing into an instance to read the logs.
You know what Kinesis and Kafka are, and how to use them, you have experience with RESTful APIs, and you are used to working with SQL and NoSQL databases.
You have at least some basic experience with Node.js.
You are able to work on a team and in an independent way when necessary, plan your own work and deliverables, find documentation, ask your colleagues for help, document and communicate your work, and raise your hand if you get stuck.
You are proficient in spoken and written English.


Develop and maintain our APIs, which are being used daily for our partners, internal customers and applications, and most importantly a huge number of happy users. We serve around 1 million requests every day.
Design, develop and release new microservices ready for a high traffic environment, to provide new and experimental features to our users. You can be serverless, use containers, regular instances or whatever you prefer.
Help us re-architecture and consolidate many different platforms into one, by understanding the different domains and refactoring the appropriate services.
Navigate a complex code base and refactor and improve it in a steady and effective way.

О проекте

Platform team.

Our team is responsible for building the best applications and services for our partners, business customers and users of our mobile apps, used by millions of people worldwide.

Our products are composed of many microservices that benefit from the contributions of the whole team. We own the products we deliver and maintain them. We can create a new service from scratch and put it into production in less than 5 minutes using managed services, with zero bureaucracy.

Java 8 & 9, JavaScript (from Node to React), Python.
AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, Docker, Kubernetes, Kinesis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS.
MySQL 5.7, MongoDB, Redis.

We love AWS, so we also use Redshift, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFormation. We are fans of CI/CD. In addition, as a part of our team you can learn about Chef, Jenkins, Lua, ZooKeeper, Memcached, Consul and Vault. We use Gradle for our builds and Git for version control.


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