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16 апреля 2021

Senior Data Analyst (вакансия неактивна)


Senior Data Analyst (Web) Mission: analyzing the pattern of customers’ behavior on the web page and generating hypotheses about the growth of ARPV, CR, RPU, and CAC numbers. We are looking for an experienced analyst who loves working with a big amount of data, knows the difference between data mining and data analysis, and wants to be a part of the CRO web team and cooperate with marketing and product teams.

As a Senior Data Analyst (Web) you will be responsible for:
— audit conducting and setting up analytics process;
— end-to-end analytics building;
— detecting the patterns and causes of changes in different performance indicators;
— generating hypotheses about the improvement of key metrics;
— A\B tests managing and analyzing its results;
— setting up the custom attribution models and analysis of Multi-Channel Funnels;
— preparing reports and creating dashboards.

To achieve these outcomes inside Skylum, you must have:
— at least 3 years of experience in a similar position;
— experience of working with conversion optimization (preferably with the successful confirmed cases you can show);
— experience of successfully set web pages and apps analytics, along with databases for e-commerce projects;
— experience in building users funnels;
— knowledge of mathematical statistic;
— at least 1 year of experience working with SQL (preferably with the ability to build up complex requests);
— knowledge of Google Analytics, GTM, Google Optimize, Tableau;
— knowledge of Python (NumPy, pandas, sklearn and other libraries for working with data);
— basic knowledge of JS, CSS (with the ability to write a simple code to accomplish the task);
— ability to work with event-based analytics;
— deep understanding of how to calculate and interpret all the core internet-marketing metrics;
— basic understanding of the principles of operation of various channels to attract traffic;
— understanding of CRO process, desire to learn more and grow in that field;
— good communication skills, ability to work in a team;
— goal orientation and self-discipline.

What do we offer:
— possibility to work with true professionals and simply amazing people;
— possibility to work on a one-of-a-kind photo editor — Luminar, which runs on Artificial Intelligence and makes editing fun and simple for everyone;
— flexible schedule; the working day can start at 8 am or at 11 am. Also every month you will have a certain amount of days for remote work;
— 21 days of paid vacation per year;
— medical insurance and 21 days of paid sick leaves;
— ample working space is located on Podil, and is equipped with everything you might need for productive and comfortable work;
— team buildings and cool corporate parties.

If you are ready to generate ideas, bring them to life, and work with a great team on an innovative product, send us your CV!