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Sky-tech company provides simple and effective ways
of using modern information technologies, that gives our customers the opportunity to concentrate on developing their own business, without going into technical issues.

We undertake design, implementation, deployment and support of following
information systems: accounting, web, communication systems and other business systems.

We ensure:
— the promotion of our partner`s products and services in new markets.
— the establishment of stable sales channels through partnerships.
We aspire to competencies sharing and cooperative solutions building.
Sky-tech company realizes that the main value of the company are people.

We provide:
— opportunities for professional and career growth for everyone in our Company.
— respectable wages.
— positive and creative atmosphere.
— high-tech working places.

We try to make a contribution into:
— economics through attracting modern technologies , that increase business competitiveness.
— ecology through using and implementation of energy-saving technologies.
— society intellectual level , by creating attraction of high-tech jobs for young people.