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Mannheim, Mutterstadt

SKIY31 is an innovative German technology partner to startups and established companies with networks in Ukraine and many years of expertise in software development.

Our head offices are located in Mannheim and Mutterstadt in Germany, as well as in Lviv in Ukraine.

Technology Center Mafinex is our home in Mannheim. Here we are perfectly connected to roundabout 70 exciting startups and scaleups concentrated on one spot. We connect to 300+ startups within the startup incubator Next Mannheim.

We engage in long-term technology partnerships with startups and established companies. Through building full-scale solution delivery teams we take on high-end challenges together.

Through technology partnering we usually find ourselves on the high-end technology side and so, our teams contribute to exciting challenges while satisfying any ambition for personal growth.

As part of SKIY31-team you will find yourself benefiting from competitive compensation, travel opportunity to clients, attractive perks and close contact to experienced business and technology movers.

We are proud to run successful partnerships and develop solutions in MedTech, FinTech, e-commerce, Logistics and Industrial Automation.

What our name and brand stand for?
Find out here:

Vision. Discipline. Will and Passion.
These are the values that shape our SKIY31 brand — and the technological history of Ukraine. In 1950, the first electronic computer in Central Europe was built in Kyiv. With a passion for engineering, tireless research, and the will to succeed — from people who had worked relentlessly to strengthen their skills and push the limits of what was possible.

Sometimes people with these characteristics have to search for the crucial piece of the puzzle for a long time before they eventually break through. Like the legendary Ukrainian engineer Igor Sikorsky. In 1909, he made his first attempt to develop a helicopter, and in 1931, he finally registered his invention as a patent. It had taken him that long to meet the right people, find the right investors, and so his revolutionary technical project could astonishingly write history. Igor Sikorsky has become the inspiring source to name our Brand SKIY31 — sharing the values of reliability and discipline, competence and vision, will, and passion.

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