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Львів, Muenster, Germany

skillreveal GmbH helps build successful tech teams by conducting qualified technical assessments and precise talent matching.

Unlike the traditional recruiting approach, skillreveal rely on in-depth assessment to get professional and cultural fit so that talent stays in the team longer.

Our core is platform that unites employers, talents & experts to collaborate on job opportunities as one team.

For Employers:
it’s a platform to find, assess and precisely fit technical talents to a team. As a result, talent successfully stays with the team longer.

For Talents:
it’s a platform to assess, improve and map own technical skills to an industry benchmark. As a result, get better jobs and career opportunities.

For Experts:
it’s a platform to find and assess technical talents using everyday language and community expertise. It’s a way for Experts to earn rewards and reputation for their contribution to the community.

Our vision is to become the world most trusted talent network for building teams.

We build our team on trust, transparency, positive experience, constant improvement and fun.

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