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SK-Telemed GmbH is a virtual healthcare provider and complete system integrator for IT solutions in health and business processes. Our solutions connect physicians, patients and partners via modern software with the highest data protection standards in the medical field to collect, transfer and analyse patient data using AI and Big Data.

With our solutions healthcare providers improve medical workflow, enhance treatment, diagnostic and continious monitoring in any patient location, organize secure data transfer.

Our digital solutions connect doctors, patients, and partners. We develop precise digital tools for remote monitoring, treatment, communication and care that really elevate the quality of medical services especially in the COVID-19 era. We use mHealth, telehealth, IoMT, AI algorithms and other technologies to facilitate a diagnostic process, to enhance a monitoring of the patients health status, to provide a continuous care, and to give proper treatment solutions.

SK-Telemed GmbH has successfully passed the audits and is now certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016.