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Gearheart is a web development company specializing in building custom web applications for startups and mature companies. Focusing on complex long-term projects and functional solutions, they are fully responsible for the technical part, from planning a roadmap to deploying and maintaining applications. The team does not limit the types of products developed or the areas for which they are created. But the main focus is on tools for organizing workflows and working with data based on Django and ReactJS.

Gearheart’s portfolio has US and European clients from a variety of business areas including but not limited to Finance, E-Commerce, Legal, Government, Media, and others. Projects include a brokerage platform, CRM photo management software, media monitoring system, task management and time tracking tools, and others.

The company attaches great importance to its team. With a rather small size of 36 people, the team has strong expertise, and its members are highly experienced in development. All Gearheart’s developers are full-stack specialists.

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