We specialize in developing custom web and mobile applications for startups and mature companies. Our focus is on complex long-term projects and functional solutions, in which we are fully responsible for the technical part, from planning a roadmap to deploying and maintaining applications. We mainly create tools for organizing workflows and working with data using Django and ReactJS. And here the subject area is not so important, since we know how to understand the client’s business and needs.

Our clients are companies from the US and Europe that are experts in their fields and strive to find the same experts to solve their problems. We build trusting relationships with customers and perceive them as partners and friends. This is how interesting and functional products are created. Our projects include a platform for brokerage operations, photography management CRM software, a media monitoring system, task management, and time tracking tools, and others.

Our team consists of 36 professionals and just good people. It is important for us to develop towards quality; first of all, we grow our expertise, not staff. This is because we love being a little tech workshop, where it is fun and cozy and everyone knows each other’s favorite TV shows. We attach great importance to our team and invite to the team those really after our own hearts.

Main technologies: React, Angular, Django, Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Solr, Elasticsearch, Sass, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS.

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