Siteplus builds online applications to help small business build websites, using the latest trends and technology we have established a leading brand in our industry. Siteplus has global offices in Singapore, Philippines and now in Ukraine.
24 июня 2019

Middle/Senior Node.js Developer


Необходимые навыки

• At least 3 years of JavaScript programming experience
• At least 2 years of experience with Node.js (must known: Event Loop, EventEmmiter, Buffer, Stream)
• Git version control system, branching workflows
• Strong knowledge of Express.js framework
• Experience with npm
• Knowledge of Linux
• In-depth knowledge of MongoDB
• Message buses (MQ) such as RabbitMQ (or relevant AMQP experience)
• Thorough experience of RESTful service design, API design and best practices for building resilient and maintainable distributed systems
• Experience with WebSocket
• Knowledge of Promises, Async/Await
• Basic knowledge of Docker, Docker Compose
• Analytical thinking skills

Будет плюсом

• Knowledge ES6+
• Knowledge of Kubernetes
• Knowledge of KV-databases
• Knowledge of column-oriented databases (Click House)
• Experience with distributed systems, implementation of microservices and systems with a high degree of parallelism
• Experience of writing tests using Mocha, Chai, Supertest
• Use of Continuous Integration, Gitlab, Code Review


• Great Salary, fixed in USD
• Great Social Package
• Friendly team and professional management
• Many social events and parties
• Continuing education and training
• Friday lunches and drinks
• Flexible working hours
• and much more...


• Developing and maintaining Siteplus platform
• Creating new services and systems in the existing infrastructure
• Assisting with deployment and provisioning activities

О проекте

Siteplus builds interactive online applications to help end users create their own website and online store without any coding knowledge. Combining the latest technologies we have established a leading brand in our industry. Siteplus is an International IT company with offices in Singapore, Dubai and now in Ukraine. More information about the company you can find here: