Siteplus builds online applications to help small business build websites, using the latest trends and technology we have established a leading brand in our industry. Siteplus has global offices in Singapore, Philippines and now in Ukraine.
25 июля 2019

Middle/Senior Node.js Developer


Необходимые навыки

• At least 3 years of JavaScript programming experience
• At least 2 years of experience with Node.js (must known: Event Loop, EventEmmiter, Buffer, Stream)
• Git version control system, branching workflows
• Strong knowledge of Express.js framework
• Experience with npm
• Knowledge of Linux
• In-depth knowledge of MongoDB
• Message buses (MQ) such as RabbitMQ (or relevant AMQP experience)
• Thorough experience of RESTful service design, API design and best practices for building resilient and maintainable distributed systems
• Experience with WebSocket
• Knowledge of Promises, Async/Await
• Basic knowledge of Docker, Docker Compose
• Analytical thinking skills

Будет плюсом

• Knowledge ES6+
• Knowledge of Kubernetes
• Knowledge of KV-databases
• Knowledge of column-oriented databases (Click House)
• Experience with distributed systems, implementation of microservices and systems with a high degree of parallelism
• Experience of writing tests using Mocha, Chai, Supertest
• Use of Continuous Integration, Gitlab, Code Review


• Great Salary, fixed in USD
• Great Social Package
• Friendly team and professional management
• Many social events and parties
• Continuing education and training
• Friday lunches and drinks
• Flexible working hours
• and much more...


• Developing and maintaining Siteplus platform
• Creating new services and systems in the existing infrastructure
• Assisting with deployment and provisioning activities

О проекте

Founded in 2015, Siteplus, created best-in-class website building and e-commerce platform specifically as a white label solution for hosting companies, domain registrars, telcos, and agencies. Our platform provides multiple solutions such as Website Builder, Online Store, Blog, Reseller System and other which seamlessly connected to let resellers provide the best customer experience.

The company is headquartered in Singapore. Siteplus’ R&D office is in Kyiv, Ukraine on Podol District, near m. Kontraktova. More information about the company you can find here: