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With over 5,000 employees, Newfold Digital is one of the world’s largest web solutions providers serving millions of small-to-medium businesses globally. Our network of brands includes,, BlueHost, HostGator, CrazyDomains, Sitebeat, Freeparking, Siteplus, and others.
Our offerings include everything individuals or businesses need to succeed online — website solutions, domains, hosting, marketing tools, and award-winning website design services.
Siteplus is Newfold Digital’s flagship DIY website building and e-commerce platform. Our product is widely regarded as a best-in-class solution. We’re devoted to providing the best possible user experience while delivering powerful website technology for any user.
Our mission is to create and continually enhance a technology platform that sets the standard for designing and building an online presence. As a business unit, Siteplus is aligned to the Website Builders pillar of Newfold Digital CTO Organization.
The project assumes the development of the online website builder. The application allows customers to create the full-featured website of their own. This solution is designed for a global launch, integrated with scalable back-end, able to handle a high load of requests from users around the world.
With a skilled and passionate team, our company is perpetually growing and looking for top talent.