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Sisense is a powerful data and analytics platform built to empower analytics builders and distribute insights to everyone across the organization.Our product:Sisense has built its business by delivering the only modern, cross-cloud data analytics platform that covers the entire process—from raw, complex data to machine learning to business insights.
5 января 2021

Full-Stack Developer (Ruby/React) (вакансия неактивна)


At Sisense, we are on a mission to empower modern data teams to deliver insights to everyone inside and outside their organizations. We bring “power to the builders” by enabling our customers to answer complex questions with data and drive the best business outcomes possible.

You will be joining the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams product development team. On this team, we add awesome features to the Cloud Data Teams product that empowers data teams to quickly connect to cloud data sources, then explore and analyze data in a matter of minutes. It is also one of the best teams for understanding our business, as it touches everything from data ingestion and dashboarding through to permissioning, APIs and integrations. Our engineers do full-stack feature development and we foster an environment of rich learning, development and knowledge sharing.

You’ll be working on the full stack: from React and Javascript frontends to Rails and Postgres backends to Go and Java servers managing giant database clusters. You’ll write clean, testable code and contribute algorithmic optimizations to how millions of queries are compiled and run each day, as well as beautiful user experiences that delight our customers.

What You’ve Already Accomplished...So Far

  • You write clean code. You have loads of evidence of all the code you write and ship.
  • You have built full-stack systems using Ruby, Rails and frontend frameworks such as React, Angular or similar.
  • You have experience with a variety of databases such as Postgres, MySQL or similar.
  • You have at least a hobbyist-level relationship with data. You find that moment when a datapoint makes you say “hmmm...” to be delightful.
  • You’re excited to pitch in wherever the team needs help, from writing documentation to supporting customers.
  • You enjoy working in a caring, customer-obsessed and challenging environment.

What You’ll Do

  • First week: You’ll partner with your engineering buddy who will help onboard you with our product and build/deploy processes, and then work with you to ship new code to production.
  • By Day 30: You will make substantial improvements to existing features, platform services, internal tools, or build processes.
  • By Day 60: You’ll be contributing to the technical vision and priorities for your team’s future development, finding ways to improve team velocity, and improving architecture.

About You

  • You are outcome-focused and proactive. You have solved complex technical challenges to improve customer happiness, developer productivity, and system efficiency.
  • You enjoy working in an inclusive, collaborative environment and mentoring team members when needed. You believe in achieving collective impact and that we are “better together”.
  • You have customer empathy and are curious about how your work is going to impact a customer’s use case.
  • You’re excited to pitch in wherever the team needs help, from investigating issues, debugging together to supporting customers.
  • You have successfully evangelized and driven best practices related to code quality and testability across teams.

Why You Should Join Our Team

  • We live our values. We care about each other, the technology we create, and the customers we support. We know we’re constantly learning and improving, and look forward to sharing insights and techniques with each other.
  • We have interesting customers. We support the Red Cross with dashboards about supplies, help a suicide prevention hotline with SQL+Python ML analysis, and enable Tinder to make better matches.
  • We are our own customer. We’re heavy users of the features we build and have an intuitive understanding of what makes data teams so special and successful.
  • “You have unlimited questions remaining” is core to our team’s philosophy. We are excited about learning and sharing together, and work hard to make sure that everyone is set up for success.

About Us

  • We are a radically innovative BI company focused on redefining every aspect of business analytics.
  • We’re an industry leader with more than 2,000 global customers, including Expedia, Flexport, Nasdaq, GE, Philips & Tinder.
  • We’ve been recognized as a leading visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • We’re on-boarding rapidly! We have over 750 employees with offices in Kyiv, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Scottsdale, Melbourne, Tokyo and London.
  • We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We’re constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.
  • We’ve been recognized by Comparably, Glassdoor and Best Places to Work for our amazing company culture.

Recent Engineering Projects

  • Orchestrating millions of queries per day, across tens of thousands of warehouses and databases, so customers always have the freshest dashboards.
  • Integrating R and Python into SQL environments, enabling data teams to perform advanced statistics and ML on top of their data models.
  • Rebuilding our SQL compiler to expand millions of custom SQL macros and functions in single-digit milliseconds.
  • Connecting customer warehouses to dozens of SQL and SaaS data sources, streamlining their ETL and supercharging their analysis.

Our Interview Process

  • We want to know what it’s like to work together; there are never any riddles or reversing linked lists at the whiteboard.
  • First you’ll see the product and how customers use it. Later we’ll code together online. And when you come on site to meet the team, you’ll spend a couple hours pair programming on problems inspired by our customers.
  • After that, we’ll do a deep-dive into your technical experience, to get a thorough understanding of how you approach developer and operational challenges.

Our most important feature is our phenomenal development speed. We deploy to production multiple times per day. Much of this is cultural, and much of it is investing in anything that will reduce drag on the team, like fully automated testing and one-click test-and-deploys.

And we take our team’s productivity, happiness, and feedback seriously, everyone here participates in weekly engineering retros that are actionable and accountable.

We’re always growing the team and if you learn fast and are excited about shipping often, we’d love to talk to you!

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