Создатель Node.js Ryan Dahl впервые в Украине на конференции JS Fest. Программа уже на сайте


до 20 специалистов

SimplBit is an international product development company with the focus on blockchain and fintech industry. We’ve assembled an amazing, talented and experienced team of professionals with deep domain expertise in the finance, digital marketing and blockchain technology.
The company consistently goes beyond primary expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

The blockchain is a dynamic technology of the future and most of the businesses are only starting to implement it in conventional industries. New start-ups are launched, new technologies and products based on blockchain are emerging, even the world’s largest companies are connected to the blockchain. That’s why we are deeply convinced that blockchain technology it’s technology of the future that signals the brand new level of relations within human society, and we are happy to be the pioneers who are paving the way.

Our company isn’t just about blockchain technology — it’s about open-minded people who love technology and use it to extend boundaries and connect people, businesses and ideas for the better. We encourage that passion by helping our employees not only build great careers but live great lives.

Join us to create your future, to be on the edge of world trends and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow!