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Киев, Прага (Чехия)

Simplaq is a technology company focused on retail industry. By incorporating mobile marketing and loyalty reward programs, we develop innovative mobile solution for shopping malls aimed at enhancing customer engagement and improve retailers’ customer experiences.

Shopping malls now adopt some powerful strategies to cope with today’s competitive digital business world. Simplaq app is an omni-channel communication portal and customizable mobile app that combines QR code technology, digital signage and geofencing to create a brand-new marketing strategy for shopping centres and retail stores.

Simplaq mobile app allows customers to access their loyalty program and rewards status, browse stores and get notified about current deals and events in the mall.

We build companies from idea to scale. Our team in Slovakia/Czech republic and Ukraine stands behind interesting startups as Lurity (advanced DOOH advertising platform), Sentiner (CCTV system with A.I.) or TapGest (advertising screens with A.I.) and more.