Мы — западногерманская компания SIM-NETWORKS (www.sim-networks.com). SIM-NETWORKS оказывает предприятиям, организациям и частным лицам услуги вебхостинга, VDS, размещения, аренды и продажи серверов и инфраструктуры, являемся операторами публичного облака SIM-Cloud IaaS. Мы начинали в 2009 году с оказания услуг хостинга на территории Германии.
26 квітня 2022

Support System Administrator (вакансія неактивна)


SIM-Networks a world-class IT infrastructure provider with origins in Germany. We have over 10 years of experience on the markets of the EU and Eastern Europe

We are looking for specialists who will join our international team and will promote the services of SIM-Networks — Netversor companies in the IT community.

Requirements for candidates:

Required skills

— 2+ years of experience at the same position as a system administrator

— previous experience in hosting services will be a big advantage for the candidate

— experience of remote work with server and network equipment in data centers

— ability to quickly find reasons for the problems and ways to solve them

— willingness to work on a shift schedule in the office or remotely from home.

You must know and be able to:

Linux OS (Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu) — above medium / high level, including:

— basic installation and configuration of the system

— experience with software and hardware RAID 0/1/5/10

— experience with LVM

— diagnostics of CPU / RAM / HDD / Network loads

— tuning the system for sysctl / ulimits loads

— system backup and restore

— installation or assembly of custom packages

Windows Server OS — medium level of administration of these systems, including:

— basic installation and configuration of the system

— experience with software Raid

— setting up a terminal server RDS

— installing and configuring an AD domain controller

— system backup / restore from backups

Remote work with servers using IPMI / ILO / iDRAC tools, including:

— installation and configuration of operating systems of the Linux / Windows

— Bios / HW Raid setting 0,1,5,6,10

— diagnostics of the state of servers

— diagnostics of HW Raid status — replacement of faulty disks, Raid expansion

Remote work with network equipment switches and routers, including:

— basic setup for remote connection

— basic L3 routing setup

— experience with VPN IPSEC, OpenVPN, L2TP,

— experience with network VLAN

— basic diagnostics of the states: the state of the ports, the state of the equipment, the presence of errors in operation

— firmware update (FW)

XEN / ESXi / KVM virtualization, including:

— basic installation and configuration of hypervisors in various variations — Xen oopensource / XenServer / ESXi — 5.5-6.5 / KVM / Proxmox

— knowledge and understanding of the principles of virtualization

— OS migration between different hypervisors

— search for problems related to loads and lack of resources

— knowledge and understanding of the principles of virtual networks

— experience with backup in virtualization systems

Virtual hosting, including:

— knowledge and understanding of the principles of the LAMP shared hosting device

— the ability to work with control panels, in particular, ISPmanager or its analogs Cpanel / DirectAdmin / VestaCP / ISPConfig / etc

— search for problems in the work of scripts of client sites

— transferring sites between accounts and between different servers

— migration of sites from other hosting providers

— help in solving problems with incorrect or incorrect operation of sites or mail on shared hosting

— assistance in using the service

— assistance with installation and basic configuration of scripts / CMS

— help with restoring sites from backups

— knowledge / understanding of the principles of the hosting provider’s services — virtual hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, DNS, cloud services, equipment placement

— writing scripts to automate work (bash / perl / python)

— knowledge / experience with server software (nginx, apache, mysql, php, exim)

— an average level of knowledge in the field of MySQL / PostgreSQL / MSSQL DBMS, working with SQL queries, organizing backups, restoring from backups, diagnosing loads

— knowledge of application-level protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS, DNS), the ability to diagnose the operation of these protocols.

Personal qualities:

— customer focus

— competent written and oral speech

— attentiveness

— organization

— the ability to quickly learn and self-study

— the ability to take responsibility.

Working conditions:

work schedule: shifts (12 hours, day / night, 2 days of work / 2 days of rest), office or remotely

trial period: up to 3 months

social package: according to the Labor Code, paid leave 28 k.d. and sick leave.

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