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17 червня 2022

Java Competence Lead (Java/Big Data Unit)

Romania, Іспанія, Португалія, Угорщина, Варшава (Польща), Стокгольм (Швеція)

Are you thrilled about designing the right architecture for a new client and kicking it off at full scale in production? Are you good at putting a strong team together and leading it towards a project’s success? Are you keen on sharing your knowledge and educating people around you?

If yes, then you are very likely to enjoy this role!


You will be a part of the Java/Big Data Unit at Sigma Software. In the unit, we have a bunch of different projects from all over the world, starting with start-ups and up to large famous companies. We deal with various projects in Java and Big Data direction and have a lot of R&D works.

The main focus for Java Unit is on helping our client develop efficient business, provide the best TEX practice.


  • Solid understanding of the software development process
  • Solid knowledge of Java programming language
  • Solid knowledge of the mainstream frameworks and libraries
  • Solid understanding of various architecture styles
  • Solid understanding of different programming language paradigms: procedural, OO, functional, declarative
  • Solid understanding of various estimation technics
  • Solid understanding of developer testing approaches
  • Solid understanding of data storages, both SQL and noSQL
  • Solid understanding of security concepts


  • Experience in front-end development using mainstream frameworks and libraries
  • Experience in programming using non-OO language


  • Play a lead/supervisory role for existing Java projects in various domains, designing and building large-scale systems
  • Be a leader and driver of Java Competence Center
  • Participate in consulting projects, such as technology audits
  • Engage new clients, run discovery phases, support sales activities
  • Share technical knowledge with teammates and customers
  • Get involved in projects with the possibility to learn new technologies and accumulate best practices
  • Design, implement, test Java applications from scratch
  • Review and optimize existing solutions