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5 апреля 2021

Test Automation Engineer (JavaScript) (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Винница, Сумы, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

• At least 2 years in Software Automation Testing in IT
• Good understanding of TA goals, areas of applicability, activities, deliverables
• Good understanding of OOP paradigm and its projection to code
• Understanding of most common code design patterns and paradigms, ability to recognize them in own code
• Commercial experience in TA on JavaScript (ES5)
• Experience in using mainstream TA libraries from JS stack for at least one of the specified areas:
• WebUI — CucumberJS, Protractor, or native Selenium WebDriver
• WebAPI — Mocha, Chai, or similar assertions library, Chai Http, Allure, or similar reporting tool
• Good understanding of the objectives and techniques of planning/estimation
• Experience in the creation of TA-related documentation — User/Dev guides, TA Framework API documentation, Classdoc, Test run report, etc.
• Participating in CI process establishment and/or CI process deliverables usage
• Experience working with VCS (GIT)
• Experience in direct communication with the client and/or client’s team
• Upper-intermediate or higher level of English

Будет плюсом

• Experience in TA Frameworks refactoring or creation from scratch
• Experience in requirements analysis and TA coverage tracking
• Experience in creation and/or support of main SW testing docs and their variations for TA: Check-list, Test Cases, Bug Reports, Test Strategy, Status reports, etc.



• Implementation of Test Strategy points in automation area. Test Strategy review and adjustment on demand
• Working on TA coverage extension. Coverage analysis
• TA integration into dev process, including CI process
• Auto-tests design and implementation for the defined scope
• Review of artifacts delivered by other colleagues, including both test artifacts and test automation code
• Smoke/Regression activities performing, TA runs results analysis and communication with the team
• Regular spent efforts tracking and sharing
• Regular and clear status and progress reporting
• Regular communication with Customer and Sigma team

О проекте

Our customer is one of the leading network service providers and top-ranking telecom infrastructure companies globally, with nearly 100,000 employees. At this project, we are working with stakeholders from the USA, India, and Swedish offices.

It is a large project with vast amounts of data: there are more than 150 servers as the infrastructure, and some servers are 96 core/1TB RAM monsters. In addition, it’s a cashing/search solution that allows users to quickly search among huge amounts of data available in the system.
For caching, we use MongoDB with Mongoose ORM. The backend of our caching solution is written on Node.js/Express; Front-end is written using Google’s Polymer Project with Redux for state management; ESLint with Google’s rules; Jest for unit tests; GitLab for code reviews.