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19 ноября 2019

Senior Java Developer (Aviation Domain)

Киев, Харьков

Необходимые навыки

At least 6 years of experience in commercial software development including at least 3 years of experience in the design and the delivery of product features
Evidence of having successfully made technical decisions for projects that delivered products or product features in time, to budget and to specification, in such a way that they continue to be maintainable and extensible
Experience in maintaining and debugging live software systems
A track record of at least one successfully held internal technical training on an architecture/system design topic



Take responsibility over the product architecture and development
Take responsibility for the delivery of major product features
Identify and resolve all related key technical issues
Analyze product requirements and take a major part in designing the software at a high and detailed level
Create and review technical specifications
Carry out professional supervision of middle and junior software development staff
Participate in project estimation and planning
Code, develop unit, and integration tests, debug, document, implement and maintain portions of the software
Perform code reviews for compliance with best engineering practices, coding standards, and quality criteria set forth on the project
Continuously participate in technical risks identification and analysis, immediately notifies the Project Manager of new risks identified, suggest the mitigation strategy
Escalate technical issues that can’t be solved without additional involvement of project, department or top management

О проекте

If you are ready to drive engineering practices and project architecture within larger product framework, join our project.

We welcome Senior Java Developer to become a part and, moreover, lead our experienced team.

Customer is one of the biggest Aircraft maintenance providers for civilian aircraft in the world.

Project is a part of a new trend in Aviation domain focused on data gathering and analysis to optimize maintenance prediction and automate business processes. Digital fleet support is one of the services the Customer is focused on, and is the area of our project responsibility.