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27 января 2020

Middle Python Developer (Automotive Domain) (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Одесса

Необходимые навыки

At least 4 years’ experience developing software in production environment
Solid experience with Python
Experience with AWS environment DynamoDB, S3
Good knowledge of TDD, SOLID (SRP at least)
High proficiency in REST API
Experience with SQL languages Oracle/MSSQL/ PostgreSQL
High proficiency in Linux, Bash scripting
At least Intermediate level of English



Design separate components, modules, classes, database tables, etc.
Code, debug, document, and maintain portions of software
Perform unit and integration testing
Participate in peer code and design reviews
Participate in estimation and planning sessions
Contribute to development of technical project documentation and user documentation
Participate in conference calls and face-to-face meetings with the Customer and Customer’s partners
Comply with the best engineering practices, technical standards, and quality criteria set forth on the project
Report status and progress according to the project and Company demands
Spot current deficiencies in the development process, adopted procedures and engineering practices, environment configurations, etc., and suggest improvements
Escalate technical issues to the Architect, Team Lead, and Project Manager
Improve your qualification within the area(s) of expertise at various training courses, seminars, and/or other educational organizations

О проекте

GET (Global Editorial Tools) is internationally usable editorial tools for automotive repair and maintenance information. Related data is spread over many different domains, such as technical data, diagnostics data, repair manuals, labor times, parts, wiring diagrams, etc. Each domain requires a custom tailor-made application for most efficient data capture capabilities. The tools need to be accessible from the different international subsidiaries.
We are building up a Sync Machine, which is a fully configurable system, that should both migrate various input files into a new & common scheme and synchronize record from the new scheme back into the current systems.

To reach this Target various steps will be needed:
-Extract Data via SQL queries
-Doing Transformation steps in Python
-Writing SQL queries to insert data into the legacy systems
In addition, while performing data migration, we need to clean up the data. Therefore, we are engineering & creating files that help experts to perform the data cleaning:
-Extracting Data
-Design/Engineer Files for Cleanup
-Extract results