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Sigma Software

200...800 специалистов
Киев, Харьков, Львов, Одесса, Варшава (Польша), Нью-Йорк (США)

12 вакансий

  • HR Manager ? Одесса
    We are looking for a Human Resources Manager to join our experienced and friendly team. This is an excellent opportunity to work for the international company, in a great location and to expand your skill set in an HR Manager role.
  • Distributed Systems Engineer with Go ? Киев, Львов, Одесса
    We are looking for a Distributed Systems Engineer to team up with Sigma Software and apply the best engineering practices in daily work.
  • Middle JavaScript Developer ? Киев, Харьков
    We are looking for a Middle JavaScript Developer. You will work in a collaborative team environment that encourages you to perform at your best, and challenges you to engineer elegant solutions for complex business problems.
  • Project Manager ? Харьков
    An ongoing project for a Swedish Customer is about the development of a web portal for aggregation of Ads providers.
  • We are looking for an inspired Middle/Senior Project Manager to join our growing team. You have an exciting chance to manage a range of challenging projects in Microsoft Solutions Department.
  • This project is about video streaming and social engagement platform development, which allows users to stream and watch their videos, communicate and get relevant suggestions based on preferences and previous experienc
  • We welcome a Middle Test Engineer, who knows what it is to meet the challenge of taking on the project. You’ll get a space to implement ideas and innovation in testing.
  • Test Lead Challenger ? Харьков
  • The project assumes development of Web-based applications for network configuration and site design, as well as design and development of tools for a multi-domain software platform in Radio, Core and Mobile Backhaul domains for various engineering activities...
  • We are looking for a smart and enthusiastic С++ Developer to work on innovative, complex, and dynamic project.
  • We are working with a Product family built around delivering full-cycle services to construction sites. It includes big enterprise web solution, mobile application, and UI-less server side.
  • Embedded Engineer ? Львов, Одесса
    We are looking for a motivated Embedded Engineer to initiate new projects in energy and automotive sectors and help us with developing new opportunities


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