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SHIPNEXT is a company, that started in 2016 and today actively transforms the transportation industry in general, and the shipping sector and international trade in particular.
SHIPNEXT is a Digital Shipping Platform, that uses Artificial Intelligence for data and email processing, dynamic freight matching, data-processing, trade and automation of workflows. It’s a sort of “Bloomberg Terminal” for shipping and transportation professionals, that covers all types of cargo transportation regardless of their size, shape, quantity, and destination.
Ever since the shift from Telex and Fax onto Emails, the shipping market has been nothing else but hundreds of millions of emails exchanged each day. 99% of international communication and trade between millions of shipping brokers is done with the help of emails.
SHIPNEXT patented the process of combining the email-processing, done with the help of NLP, machine learning, and AI and an A-to-Z Shipping platform, which is used for instant freight search, freight tendering, trade, and automation of workflows.