ShipHawk is a comprehensive platform that automates shipping from cart-to-customer for eCommerce businesses.
3 ноября 2021

DevOps Engineer


Необходимые навыки

— 3+ Years of DevOps/Development and/or 3+ years of system administration experience
— Solid experience in building high-performance, reliable and scalable services
— Solid experience in containerization and deployment technologies including Docker, Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes.
— Experience with configuring auto-scalable services in AWS
— Experience with our current technology stack is a bonus: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Git, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, ElasticSearch
— Experience with Gitlab and GitLab CI
— Postgres configuration and maintenance
— Elasticsearch configuration and maintenance
— Experience with scripting languages (bash, python, ruby, etc.)
— OpenVPN configuration experience

Будет плюсом

— Experience with our current technology stack is a bonus: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Git, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, ElasticSearch
— ELK stack knowledge
— Experience with Datadog
— Experience with FiveTran, Snowflake, Looker


Technology stack: Ruby, Rails, Go, PHP, Elastic, PostgeSQL, Redis, React, Redux, MaterialUI, AWS, docker, test cafe.
Development process includes:
— planning, estimation
— mandatory code review
— mandatory unit test coverage
— CI pipelines (unit tests, linter)
— CI with integration tests
— manual testing by QA team
— automated UI tests (Test Cafe)

— stock options
— travel to the USA, relocation possible
— $100/month — Health & Wellness expenses
— $500/year — medical expenses
— 20 PTO days
— top-level hardware of employee choice, ownership will be passed to employee


— Work with DevOps lead to develop and execute strategic plan for DevOps activities
— Develop a new deployment system using containers orchestrators
— Develop future containerized environment and instance deployments
— Develop auto-scale up and down criteria triggers for cluster groups
— Manage and develop current and future AWS infrastructure usage
— Use and enhance DevOps tool to manage and monitor infrastructure
— Support and extend all alert and monitoring infrastructure for servers and systems
— Maintain GitLab infrastructure and other developer tools to support the development of product
— Assist in maintaining various environments of product instances for development and production
— Maintain and develop continuous integration (CI) pipeline, including auto-deploys, Gitlab Review Apps, TestCafe, Rspec, etc.
— Maintain, update, and install new versions of Prometheus, exporters, Grafana, Loki for alert and monitoring of servers and log aggregation
— Develop new alert triggers for various events and report them through Slack, Pagerduty, and e-mail alert systems
— Maintain and configure proper Monit configurations on server cluster groups
— Maintain and understand all configuration and installation of Sidekiq, Redis, PostgreSQL cluster, Snapshots, and Disaster Recovery procedures
— Common Key Performance Indicators of alert and monitoring systems are understood and mitigation and investigations steps are understood when problems occur
— Configuration and maintenance of FiveTran, Snowflake, Looker usage with PostgreSQL database
— VPN is kept operational, and users are up to date.
— WiFi, switches and routers hardware
— Explore and develop ShipHawk instance inside Google Cloud

О проекте

ShipHawk is the premier packing and shipping software for ERP connected companies. We work with high volume retail, wholesale and eCommerce companies that have outgrown basic shipping software.

Come join us as we transform one of the last massive old-school industries into a transparent, efficient market, benefiting both retailers and consumers. Join a startup where you can make an impact, grow your career, and have a voice.