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SHALB provides DevOps, SRE and System Architect Services for High Load projects.
We develop and support infrastructures for a different kind of SaaS and PaaS, Private Clouds and any other Web Tier products.

We offer the SLA’s with 99.99% of service availability and zero for the security incidents.

We are not limited by a certain set of software and support all modern stack based on non-functional requirements and business needs.

Our portfolio includes the full DevOps and SRE coverage for: — Backend as a Service provider. The leader in codeless programming for mobile apps. — The best professional IoT based home security system. — Innovative Video Broadcasting Platform and Content Delivery Network

Among other projects we help to maintain servers for:
• Marketplaces. auctions and price aggregators
• High traffic news websites
• Social networks
• Online stores

Our experience is extensive in managing and automation high load solutions, including Unix-like OS, AWS, VMWare vSphere, OpenStack, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo/Cassandra/Elasticsearch/Redis, Gluster FS, Docker, etc.

Also designing and implementing DevOps services: Ansible, Chef, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker Swarm, Continuous Integration/Delivery systems like Jenkins, TeamCity.