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9 серпня 2022

Middle PHP Dev to join Swedish SaaS product (вакансія неактивна)

Львів, Чернівці, Івано-Франківськ, Цуг (Швейцарія), віддалено

SFox is looking for the PHP Developer to join our Swedish client team in Ukraine.

You can watch the video to know more about the client via the link.

About Debricked

At Debricked, we are all about open source. Our main goal is to make it easy for developers to use open source in a better way and remove any associated risks. As our nimble start-up just got acquired by Micro Focus, we are now accelerating our growth and looking for a Backend Developer to join our team in Sweden or remotely in Europe (+3/-3h GMT+1). If you want to work alongside a crew of fun, driven, and supportive colleagues while getting the opportunity to influence and impact the journey ahead, Debricked is the place for you!

The role

As a backend developer at Debricked, you will be working with large datasets covering all aspects of Open Source Software, ranging from vulnerability definitions to GitHub star scores. You could be working on extending and improving one of our existing products, such as:

  • an automation engine that allows the creation of highly custom rules that are then used to make assertions on every commit a developer pushes to their project
  • an open database containing data on every repository on GitHub, including metrics such as popularity and contributions
  • a tool that analyses call graphs from a project and identifies the usage of specific methods that have been implicated in security issues for a dependency

or you could be creating an entirely new part of the service. Either way, you will have a big impact on our team and product.

We use the latest tools and technologies such as PHP 8.1 and Symfony 5.4 for our backend, and Vue.js for our frontend. Because we are a startup, each employee has a lot of personal freedom and responsibility, with the possibility of influencing the product development

This role will be a great fit if you:

  • PHP
  • Experience with a MVC framework such as Symfony and Laravel
  • Git
  • Comfortable with SQL

It would be a dream come true if you also had:

  • Experience with Symfony
  • Experience with using an ORM, preferably Doctrine
  • Have deployed SaaS before to cloud platforms such as Amazon Cloud or Google Cloud
  • Interest in cyber security and/or open source

Working at a startup is the best thing ever, but you need to be able to thrive in this special environment. To do this well, you probably need to be:

  • A real “doer”, getting stuff without anyone holding your hand
  • Always seeing the possibilities
  • Have the courage to be innovative, and always searching for our “next big thing”
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate

You will get:


Working at a startup is a great place to build upon your existing skill sets, gain experiences in many different areas, and take a ton of responsibility. As we grow quickly, so will your opportunities for career advancement.

Cutting Edge

We are building cutting edge algorithms, AI and other buzzy things with patents filed. The challenges and opportunities at a startup constantly change which means you are forced to adopt new skills, take on new projects, and will never be bound to a dull, boring routine.

Team Spirit

Professional when facing customers, but in house we are a mostly freshly baked graduates with a playful and creative mindset.

We move fast from creativity to decision to implementation and support each other to be as good as we can be. You will have the ability to impact the team with your thoughts and resourcefulness.

  • Scandinavian work-life balance
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • 3 paid months of paternity/maternity leave
  • Direct collaboration with customer from Sweden
  • Minimal management
  • HR support in Ukraine
  • Business trips to Sweden
  • Team building activities both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Possibility for self-development
  • Flexibility about working place