7 червня 2018 19:40


Working at SEVEN was an experience of a lifetime.
It’s hard for me to tell you all about things that I learned as Junior QA there, but I can say 1 thing for certain — there wouldn’t have been a better place for me to work with requirements, client communication and testing than there, even if I had searched harder back at the time.
Company has challenging, yet interesting projects to offer those, who are willing to participate. Team of professionals among developers won’t let you down when you co-operate with them. Pressure situations were always resolved quickly — managers make sure that everyone does their job comfortably and by the books. I was even able to learn a few things about business analysis, provide client demos and even prototype a functionality for the ERP system(in co-op with a dev team) from the scratch — no other company would probably let their Junior employee do that, but SEVEN has confidence in those whom they hire and this was not just a leap of faith.
Overall I thank them for the experience I received and wish you to keep getting more enthusiasts in your growing development family.


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Dear Victor, we are very flattered to read your review because from our perspective this cooperation was really great as well. You are very persistent, meticulous, goal-oriented, reliable and responsible. The quality of your work was always excellent and never required a double check.
Thank you a lot and we wish you all the best!