Sembly AI

21...80 спеціалістів
Одеса, Нью-Йорк (США)

Sembly AI was founded in 2019 by NYC executives who have successfully grown companies from small startups to large businesses that were subsequently sold to bluechip companies. The founders have a combined 40 years of hands-on experience supporting large transformation efforts in Fortune 500 organizations.

Our product is a SaaS platform that uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze operational meetings, transforming them into actionable insights

Join us to work on the latest Machine Learning, cloud-based, and webapp technologies!

Our web stack: React/Redux/GraphQL, Django, Postgres, Ubuntu
Our ML stack: TF, pyTorch, Spacy, jupyterhub, Nvidia GPUs
Our systems stack: Python, Redis, Kafka
Our devops stack: gitlab CI/CD, docker, Trello, Slack

Offices in New York City and Odessa.