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4 грудня 2023

Senior Data Analyst


What we’re looking for?

Do you look at websites and think about how they might be personalized? Do you use websites and apps and think about how their features have been designed to be best for a lot of different users? Do you read articles with statistics and think about how they may be misinterpreting the data to get their results? If these things describe you, and if you’re great at SQL and have experience analyzing website data, you’re someone we want to talk to.

Our data analyst team analyzes everything on our website, not only for their immediate use but also for how they connect to high-level company KPIs. The role requires understanding web development and how data is gathered, analysis of site usage and a/b tests, data visualization and how different kinds of data can be presented most clearly, and business KPIs and how they are measured.

But more than that, we’re looking for experienced analysts who can bring us new ideas about how to analyze and extract insights from website data. Our ideal candidates have measured KPIs that we haven’t measured or used new ways to explain user retention, or analyzed features of users data that we haven’t analyzed.

The best thing about our work is that we’re part of an incredibly data-driven company. Everyone from the CEO down uses data every day. The data teams are involved in every single thing the company does.


  • Analyzing the behavior of users on our site and apps:

-Build and maintain dashboards that visualize the usage of single or multiple features and how that usage drives company KPIs.

-Answer questions about site usage or user behavior based on deeper analyses.

  • Analyze and track high-level KPIs such as conversion, retention, churn, recurring revenue, engagement, cross-device usage, e-mail and notification usage, and more.
  • Communicate with business stakeholders on analysis results, how they relate to business, and what business suggestions result from the analysis.
  • Run the whole data flow for site and app features, from defining KPIs, specifying data collection for development team implementation, and building and maintaining iterative versions of dashboards with both low-level and high-level views of collected data.
  • Split tests of product features:

-Design a test with clear success criteria

-Monitor test integrity

-Analyze results and give recommendations

-Use segmentation and clear cohort analysis to validate significant conclusions

-Conduct exploratory analysis to identify trends and opportunities


  • A minimum of 4 years in a B2C website-related Data Analyst position
  • Strong SQL skills with experience writing complex and efficient analytical queries
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Demonstrated experience with working in English directly with business stakeholders, understanding their needs, and explaining results
  • Experience with data visualization tools (Looker/Tableau/PowerBI)
  • Understanding of website development and operations and how they connect to data gathered.
  • Advantage — Looker
  • Experience with report writing and technical requirements analysis, business process modeling/mapping, methodology development, and data modeling

Why we’re a great company to work for

Seeking Alpha is a news-media focused on financial markets placing top-10 in the US. We have an awesome product. Our crowdsourced research and cutting-edge investing tools are helping nearly 300,000 paying subscribers exceed their financial goals.

We care about work-life balance: We work primarily from home, provide lots of perks, and insist that you enjoy them.

We invest in people. We consider each employee a long-term investment, and we see value in continuously nurturing and training our teammates.

If that’s what you’re looking for too- go ahead and apply!