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SDC Verifier is a Dutch software development and engineering consultancy company with offices in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and Lviv (Ukraine). Our team is delivering solutions for automation, simplification, effectiveness, and safety of structural analysis all over the world.

Since 2009, our product — SDC Verifier is commonly used in multiple structural designs and engineering industries.
SDC Verifier Industries
We enable innovation by delivering a tool to verify structures according to industry rules and regulations, provide tender and certification support, optimize design, safety and cost of buildings, oil rigs, ships, cranes, planes and other equipment. Using the most powerful Finite Element Analysis solutions (such as ANSYS, Femap, and Simcenter 3D) and our own code checking software SDC Verifier, we make the world a safer place and engineers happier.

Some of our Clients:

SDC Verifier Clients

At SDC Verifier, our passion is automation and optimization. We enjoy looking for new methods and approaches to do our work better, faster and automatically.

Our mission is to make engineers happy by creating outstanding instruments to simplify all possible routine and repetitive work in their projects and let them focus on engineering.

The combination of engineers and software developers in our team makes it strong. Engineers always bring new ideas and improvements to the software. Developers are always searching for new ways to improve quality and performance in engineering projects.

We are the members of:
SDC Verifier is a member of Nafems, IRO Technet Alliance
Technical Partners of:
SDC Verifier is a technical Partner of Ansys and Siemens