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SD Solutions is Kyiv based outstaffing company with it’s clients located in Israel and US. We are looking for candidates that will work for different Israeli/ USA data-driven companies that are engaged in various areas of the IT domain. Cool staff we offer: • Improve your English, cause all correspondence is going to be in English.
20 мая 2019

IT Researcher (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

· Educated person with extremely good knowledge of English
· Desire to learn new things related to IT
· Quick learner (and we mean it)
· Probably with some experience in HR or somehow connected to IT field
· Proficiency in using MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google office suite: Docs, Sheets and Slides

Будет плюсом

· Experience in the same position


Desire to teach and learn with you
Coaching and reviews to support your career development;
Flexible schedule
Food Supply
Bring your dog on Friday


Be involved in recruitment process
· Writing cold and hot emails
· Managing social networks
· Managing web site
· Sometimes taking care of office hassle
· Launching projects to increase employee engagement
· Supporting in routine tasks and paperwork.

О проекте

SD Solutions is an outstaffing company located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are specialized on Israeli market.
We are currently looking for an IT manager to join our Kyiv team to run and manage recruitment processes, leading social networks, website, etc.