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SciForce is a Ukrainian boutique company developing end-to-end solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Together with our clients, we create innovative AI-based products in digital healthcare, EdTech, agriculture sectors, and other industries. At Sciforce, we go beyond solving problems — if a solution doesn’t exist, we invent it.
Our team
Our strength is our team. Having a solid background in science and technology, our team members are highly skilled in engineering, mathematics, linguistics, healthcare. This expertise enables us to create innovative solutions for the most complex tech challenges.

We pride ourselves on our scientific expertise and enjoy delving into research. It’s exciting for us to tackle complex projects, as it leads to creating innovative, unprecedented solutions. Our passion for discovery and innovation is what drives us to new advances in technology.
Why Join SciForce?
Our mission is to bring advanced technologies from the lab to industry, making them accessible and user-friendly. We are dedicated to developing AI and ML ethically, ensuring these technologies are ready for immediate use and benefit people’s lives. Through this, we aim to contribute positively to the world and drive meaningful progress.

We support the global medical data community and create agricultural solutions to combat climate change. These efforts focus on developing sustainable farming technologies and AI for environmental monitoring, demonstrating our dedication to societal and environmental benefits.

At SciForce, we’re like rock stars in a research lab, always ready to go beyond problem-solving. If a solution doesn’t exist, we invent it, ensuring every project reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. We prioritize delivering excellent results, focusing on quality over quantity in our projects.

SciForce uses the latest technology and professional expertise from different areas to provide practical AI solutions and achieve the best results for clients. Hiring top professionals, we invest in mentoring bright newcomers, nurturing them into strong industry experts.

Empathy & Respect
SciForce follows a “people-first” policy in relations both with clients and teammates, mixing professionalism with kindness and respect. We focus on clear communication, supportive work atmosphere, and well-being of our people. The company operates with a horizontal structure, promoting teamwork and cooperation.

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